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After school clubs

Our after school clubs are an excellent introduction to what we do as they offer schools the opportunity to see what Atomic Science does during a free assembly. We are very proud of our school clubs and research has backed up our belief that children that attend after school clubs raise attainment in class... What's not to like?! Some topics we cover are:

- Chemistry

- Biology 

- Dinosaurs


- Bubbles

- Stars

- Electricity

- Forces

And loads more!!!! 

Why choose an after school club?

Clubs are a fantastic way for children to learn in a relaxed environment, using ll sorts of skills, from speaking and listening through to reasoning. They also offer children the opportunity to share their learning with children of different ages. Each club has a variety of games, activities and experiments as well as demonstrations from our fully trainied Atomic Scientist!


How it works...

The club is launched with some exciting science demonstrations in an assembly, normally lasting around 20 minutes. We then hand our flyers with pre-approved details for the club and children sign up if they wish to attend, Payments can be collected at school, or through our online store - if the club doesn't reach minimum numbers, we will issue refunds (but this hasn't happened yet!!)

Clubs are usually paid by parents, alternatively, the school may wish to pay for the club and recoup the money from parents or as a reward, gifted and talented provision or for any other reason.

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